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Places to Visit @ Kumbakonam

Mahamaham Tank

Mahamaham is a Hindu festival celebrated every 12 years in the Mahamaham tank. On the day of Mahamaham festival the river goddesses and Shiva gather to rejuvenate their waters, and the Hindus consider taking a pilgrimage and holy dip at the Mahamaham tirtha as sacred. The event attracts chariot processions, street fairs and classical dance performances.

ChakrapaniSwami Temple

Chakrapani Temple is dedicated to God Vishnu, who appears in the form of a discus or Chakra to put down the pride of Surya (the Sun), who subsequently became his devotee. Like Shiva, Lord Chakrapani has a third eye on His forehead. The temple is one of the most prominent temples in Kumbakonam. A panchamukha Hanuman is erected in the prakaram. 

Sarangapani Temple

Sarangapani is the largest Vishnu temple in Kumbakonam and has the tallest temple tower in the town, and is one of the Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu revered in Nalayira Divya Prabandham by the 12 Alwars. The temple is enshrined within a huge granite wall and the complex contains all the shrines and the water bodies of the temple. The rajagopuram has eleven tiers and has a height of 173 ft.

Adhi Kumbeswarar Temple

It is believed that the name of the town Kumbakonam is derived from the legend associated with Kumbeswarar Temple, and an allusion to the mythical pot (kumbha) of the Hindu god Brahma that contained the seed of all living beings on e​​arth. The temple is in existence from Chola times of the 9th century, and has been maintained by Nayaks during the 15-17th century.

Ramaswamy Temple

Ramaswamy Temple is a temple dedicated to Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the prominent temples in the town and also one of the most prominent temples dedicated to Rama in India. This temple is also counted as a temple located on the banks of River Kaveri, and it is one of the five temples of Vishnu connected with the Mahamaham festival.

CUB Head Office

The Head Office of City Union Bank was incorporated as a limited company in 1904. It was previously known as Kumbakonam Bank Limited, and it was operating as a regional bank in the Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu and later on, came into the list of private banks in India. It is one of the oldest private sector banks in India.

Sri Ramanujam Museum

Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great Mathematical Genius spent his early childhood, and the early days of his youth, in his ancestral house at the temple town of Kumbakonam. The house he lived in, is just a stone’s throw away from the Sarangapani temple, is now a museum with the status of an international monument, maintained by the deemed Sastra University.

Shopping in Kumbakonam

There are several products which make Kumbakonam a delight for the tourists and shopaholics alike, as its shopping experience is laced with both modern and traditional market of handloom silk sarees, degree coffee, metal sculptors and idols, malls, textiles, jewelry and branded showrooms. Tourists can buy several souvenirs from Kumbakonam as a memoir of their trip.

Govt Arts College

The Britishers founded a provincial college-school in 1854 and named it as ‘the Cambridge of South India’. It is one of the oldest & prestigious educational institutions in the Madras Presidency of British India. Great Mathematician Ramanujan, Silver-Tongue Srinivasa Sastri, Tamil Savant Thyagaraja Chettiar, Thamizh-thatha Grand Sire Dr.U.V.Saminatha Iyer, eminent Principal like BilderBeck are fast in the College’s memory.

Kumbakonam Town Hall

Porter Town Hall, Kumbakonam was established in the year 1883 and named after William Archer Porter, the first Principal of Government Arts College. The statue of the Hindu god Krishna at the entrance was set up in 1913 and is dedicated to the memory of R. Raghunatha Rao, and it’s still visited by many tourists and visitors in the contemporary modern age.

Places to Visit Near Kumbakonam

Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan

Sri Vittal Rukmini Samasthan is located at Govindapuram, Kumbakonam, with beautiful fiberglass paintings and enormous statues adorning the temple, the Gopuram stands tall at 150 feet high. Standing in this Maharashtrian wonder Sri Vittal and Sri Rukmini grace all those who walk through the grand doors of the temple.

Airavatesvara Temple

The Airavatesvara Temple, is built upon the dravidian architecture, located in Darasuram, southwest of Kumbakonam. This temple, built by Chola emperor Rajaraja II in the 12th century CE is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur, the Gangaikonda Cholisvaram Temple, referred to as the Great Living Chola Temples.

Thirubuvanam Silks

The Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees, known for their intricate border and pallu designs, with one side border. The specialty is that failure silk is used for warp & weft resulting in high quality, shining, uniformity, and luster, known as a traditional wedding saree woven in the same single warp, its pallu is woven continuously on the loom. Thirubuvanam Silk Saree is a GI Tagged certified product of Tamil Nadu.

Swamimalai DevaSenathipathi

National award winning Swamimalai Devasenapathy Stapathi is a classical sculptor. His ancestors were the ones who built temples like Thanjai Periya Kovil, Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Tarasuram. In the traditional way full of divinity, his paternal sons created Impon idols for temples around the world, and had won many awards for their artworks.

Raja Raja Cholan’s Memorial


The Udayalur village in Kumbakonam is the final resting place of the great Chola Dynasty Emperor Raja Raja Cholan. It is a small, unexplored location, at a reachable distance from the temple town of Kumbakonam . It is just a few kilometers away from the stronghold of Medieval Chola Dynasty Keezha Pazhayara. The village was historically called as “Sri Kangeyapuram”.